Star Trek: Fleet Command is an ongoing mobile game set in the alternate reality. Described as a " free-roaming multiplayer Star Trek experience [combining] role-playing game style progression and real-time battles with enemy ships ", the game is published by Scopelywho developed the game with Digit Game Studios and in collaboration with CBS Interactive.

The game was announced on 2 Novemberand launched on 29 November for iOS and Android devices.

Star Trek Fleet Command: Where to Find Jellyfish Parts Missions

Officers are necessary for Star Trek Fleet Command ships, and each can improve the ship's effectiveness in different ways, if serving as captain or as one of the two other bridge officers. When serving as captain, the officer's "Captain maneuver" is activated. When serving as captain or one of the other two bridge officers, the officer's "Officer ability" is activated. Each officer belongs to an officer group, based on their backgrounds. When officers from the same officer group serve together on a ship's bridge, their abilities may be increased through synergy.

An officer may be rated CommonUncommonRareor Epic. That determines the chance of "recruiting" them to a player's available crew. Officers are recruited by opening recruiting chests, which produce officer "shards"; between six and shards see the Officer table are required to recruit a new officer. Standard Recruit chests usually initially always provide Common officer shards; Premium Recruit chests usually provide Uncommon officer shards, with smaller chances of Rare or Epic shards; Ultra Recruit chests provide either Rare or Epic officer shards; faction Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Augment recruit chests provide recruits from specific factions; and events sometimes add other types of recruiting chests.

In addition to initially recruiting officers, recruiting chests may be used to promote them, which allows them to rise one rank and another five levels. The table indicates only the shards required for initial recruiting; higher ranks require more shards.

In addition to earning enough shards for promotion, there is a promotion cost. Officers can be part of one of three divisions: Command star:Operations and Engineering spiral galaxy:or Science and Medical ringed planet:. When one officer from each division serves on the bridge, their effective abilities may be increased.

Officers advance along two tracks: level and rank. To advance in level, Officer XP experience is needed. This table shows the Officer XP required to advance a typical officer to each level:.

star trek fleet command augment missions

Some officers require more or less Officer XP to advance. Unconfirmed: Common and Uncommon officers advance at the standard cost or lessRare officers advance at double cost, and Epic officers advance at four times cost.

This table shows names of ranks for officers, the level limit for each rank, and promotion costs for levels. Some officers require more Officer XP to be promoted in rank. At higher ranks, Epic officers may also require Faction Credits to advance. This table presents officers by name and earliest level available, captain and officer maneuvers, Star Fleet division and synergy group, rarity and shard cost per rankand initial Strength with Attack, Defense, and Health as "A", "D", and "H" in the table.See Mission for general information.

With Season 15a number of the old feature episode arcs were removed from the main progression, but remain in-game and playable from the "Available" tab. These episodes are considered Side Content, but are also still canon to the storyline of Star Trek Online.

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star trek fleet command augment missions

Romulan Mystery. Cardassian Struggle. Borg Advance. New Romulus. Solanae Dyson Sphere. The Delta Quadrant. Iconian War.

Yesterday's War. Future Proof. New Frontiers. Gamma Quadrant. Age of Discovery. J'Ula's Discovery. Agents of Yesterday. Fek'Ihri Return. From the Ashes. In Shadows. Engineered for War.Last Updated on February 24, You can use this currency to build, upgrade, and research instantly. The game will give you this in-game currency as a reward upon leveling up or from other events daily goals, missions.

If you are a f2p player, then you should spend it wisely. You can check the power at the top-left corner on the home station screen interior. In all these upgrades, you will need a lot of resources; Parsteel, Tritanium, Dilithium, and more. The main building at the home-station is Operations — Command Center. Upgrading it unlocks new buildings, upgrades, features, and much more. The maximum level of this building is 50 and at each level, you get the weapon damage bonus.

Your station is in the galaxy, in a random system. It will cost you relocation token. You get this item for free when you start the game. At the beginning of the game, you have two drydocks Drydock A and Drydock B in your fleet; so you can only assign up to two ships Ship A and Ship B in the fleet. If you want to assign more ships, you will have to build drydock. If you have already assigned the ship to available slots and want to change, then swap that ship.

Tap it and choose a ship. Note — You must recall the ship to home station and repair it. Otherwise, you would not see the swap button. Having multiple ships in the fleet helps you a lot. The game gives you one ship for free when you start the game. After it, you will have to build the ships. There you can check the list of ships featured in Star Tree Fleet Command.

Best Factions & How To Grind Them Right (Dual Faction)

Tap the build button to start the construction process. Prerequisite: — Prior to the construction, the player has to unlock the ship. How to get blueprints? Destroy the high-level hostiles in the systems to obtain blueprints. First, make sure to recall it to the base. After it, tap the ship at the bottom of the screen. All the ships in Star Trek Fleet Command game have different stats.

To level up the ship, you need Ship XP.How about starting your own armada to dominate the galaxy? But way, we are not talking about any ordinary armada here. Join forces with the Federation, the Klingons or Romulans and create your own path as you grow your power and prestige to overcome any enemy who aims to claim the same role as you do. Truth be told, if the subject is galaxy domination, than there is no better place to go than the Star Trek saga. Are you honestly considering stepping out on this intense and breathtaking event?

Of course not! Elaborate the ultimate strategy and prove for once and for all who rules the galaxy. Construct your own fortified starbase, customize and upgrade your ships and crews and even recruit iconic Star Trek characters right now!

The galaxy is out there for whomever desires to claim it. The only thing is that you are not alone in your desire. Do you have what it takes? Prove it! Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later. Look for Star Trek Fleet Command in the search bar at the top right corner.

Click to install Star Trek Fleet Command from the search results. Click the Star Trek Fleet Command icon on the home screen to start playing. Looking on ways to overcome any enemy in your way? Count on the new and improved BlueStacks to do so! Add some serious power-ups to your offensive with dozens of amazing features and advantages only the ultimate gaming engine can offer. Customize your entire actions using the Keymapping tool and reproduce your best strategies with just one key, by recording it with the Combo Key.

After doing so, you can use it again whenever you want! It looks like magic, but is only BlueStacks taking your gameplay to a higher level!

Plus, a commander needs prestige, and with that, comes the reward. Collect the BlueStacks Points and exchange them for amazing gamer items at the store.Faction missions allow you to gain faction -specific items and raise your standing with a specific faction. This is often necessary in order to be able to equip your crew membersas they usually need specific items from their faction.

In order to do a faction mission, you have to have at least one Faction Transmission for the specific faction, and one available shuttle. Transmissions can be purchased at the faction's homeworld for Meritsawarded for scanning, or found while completing other kinds of missions. Every player starts off with two shuttles. Additional shuttles can be bought using Dilithium :.

When you choose to do a Faction Mission, you have to send several between 1 and 4 of your crew members away, potentially for a prolonged amount of time between 30 seconds and 3 hours. So you have to think carefully about who you can afford to have missing for a while. Once you open a transmission, you have a certain amount of time to send crew members on it before it expires:.

The amount of time required to finish a shuttle mission can be reduced using Shuttle Boostsor eliminated using Dilithium. The chance of success of a mission is determined by the relevant base without proficiency skill level the shuttle crew members have. To determine the result of a mission the skill levels at the start of the mission are used [2]so upgrading crew members away on a shuttle mission will not influence the mission's outcome.

Shuttle success is based on the average skill AvgSkill across all available slots the mission has. For each slot, the skill supplied is the the base proficiency of the stat that matches the slot. Where the slot is an OR of two stats, the higher value will be taken.

star trek fleet command augment missions

For a Shuttle Boost that increases the skill, for calculation purposes, it will apply to all slots in the AvgSkill calculation. For faction events, bonus crew usually those matching character names or traits will double the AvgSkill including the boost whereas event crew those you can get in packs will triple the AvgSkill.

Given an AvgSkill and Difficulty rating of a shuttle mission, the success formula is calculated as:. Where the Difficulty rating ranges from 50 to The below graph contains a more comprehensive list and a failed attempt at calculating the shuttle speed up formula.

From Star Trek Timelines Wiki. Posted November 25, Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

Navigation Main page Community portal Recent changes. Help Help Style Guide Admin noticeboard. This page was last edited on 2 Aprilat The Augments need worlds to call their own, but face resistance from the Federation. A world deemed marginally habitable might be tamed, with the protection of a Starfleet crew.

Your away team's assistance allowed the Augments to construct a semi-permanent settlement on a harsh world. Despite your away team's protection, the Augments were unable to master the challenges of this world. The youngest Augments learn quickly, but they need teachers.There is also an Alpha listing, color coded. Keeping to the 'story mode', and listing the highest rewards mostly to the top as was started by Caveman Example of the Missions.

You can only complete one faction path, for example: if you do the Fed mission path, you cannot do the Rom mission path. As part of this choice, you will see 3 missions in level 18 Faction systems, which have prerequisites to accept them. The minimum operations level needed is 38and as it is part of the main story line: here is the list of missions you need to complete in sequence, to reach the Dark Space!

These new Missions are based around having a minimum level of 38 to unlock them. A Warp 56 Ship is required to reach the 4g mining nodes in Dark Space. Note: You will need to be at a minimum of level 39 to refine 4g resources. The Borg Seasonal Arc Begins! Each month-long act of the Borg Arc will reveal new story, unleash challenging enemies, and deliver valuable rewards to earn.

Your achievements each month will matter throughout the arc, so be sure to begin uncovering the secrets of the Borg today and return each month. Set out now to experience new Borg missions, unlock a powerful Borg Officer, and progress through the first Monthly Event. Each event will have a series of milestones unlocked by completing Borg missions and activities, and every milestone will award you a new pack of rewards such as resources, materials, Borg Officer shards, and new Borg missions.

Faction Missions

Commanders will be able to participate in the Borg Monthly events and can begin progressing right now. Missions being so vast with information, the above "All Missions" link is the main link now, and I update it regularly and have now added more columns to include Mission Rewards and many more missions.

Will now be protecting various pages for the time being until some form takes place, and reliable Editors join the wiki and design team. Please leave a comment below if you wish to contribute to this page, and are fully competent with editing in source mode.

Gemma0zDecember 13, UTC. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Expand For Archives. Categories :.With a new character blasting their way into our galaxy, it only makes sense for us to do a guide on how to get him.

Table of Contents. The blue area is under Federation control, the green is Romulan, the red is Klingon, the yellow is Augment and the rest is free rain — sort of. To gain access to this locked mission path, you will need to build the Botany Bay. If you go to the factions tab and click onto the faction store, you will see the Augment exclusive items available to purchase.

Here you may buy six Botany Bay blueprints every 24 hours. After getting your first six blueprints, you will want to get more. Hanging around here is the start of the many missions you will need to undergo. The most Blueprints you can get in one day are 36 for this 60 piece ship. What we can say is you need to build the Botany Bay to get access to the locked storyline.

Once we have access to the storyline, there will be loads of missions, some of which may give Khan Shards or tokens towards his chest.

No one is sure yet exactly how to get Khan. We can say this update is a good one with a lot of content included and playtime on the horizon. If you are going for Khan, then unlock some of his crew members. If you want him to be at his best there are several crew members you can recruit. Try going for the loyalty chest by completing all your daily goals and eventually you should get your hands on Carol and Keesner. Your email address will not be published.

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star trek fleet command augment missions

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