Normally, the urine is supposed to appear yellow in color and without any foam. However, various factors such as the diet, medicines, and lifestyle tend to cause a change in the foaminess as well as the color of the urine. Most often, foamy urine is caused when the bladder is filled to its maximum capacity. However, the same is also caused due to a number of other medical conditions.

It is very natural to feel panicky when you see foam in the urine. However, it is not really a reason to panic. In fact, foamy urine is getting very common in the present day, mainly due to the massive changes in the lifestyle. Foamy urine could also be caused if the urine hits the toilet pan before it gets stirred up.

However, you may have reason to be alarmed if the amount of foam is too much or the condition persists for a very long period of time. So far, there has not been any intensive research on the foaminess of urine. In some cases, it could be just a result of forceful urination. However, at other times, it could also be an indicator of some underlying health issues such as proteinuria or kidney damage.

If it is a one-time occurrence, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. However, if the condition continues for a sufficiently long period of time, it would definitely be advisable to go in for a checkup.

It is very natural to have foamy urine every once in a while. Sometimes, it could even be caused due to external factors such as the presence of cleaning agents in the toilet pan. The only time you need to be cautious is if it becomes too frequent. Conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, the presence of excessive protein in the body, stress, etc. Hence, it can be concluded that it is normal to have foamy urine unless it turns into an everyday event.

When you ignore the feeling need to urinate for a long time, an excess amount of urine gets collected in the bladder.

So, when you finally go to the bathroom, the stream comes out with a higher force. Consequently, the liquid hits the toilet bowl forcefully, thereby causing froth formation.

foamy urine no more panic

However, the foam caused under these circumstances disappears as soon as they are formed. Dehydration is another one of the factors that can cause the urine to get frothy. This is because dehydration causes the urine to get concentrated. The excess amount of chemicals present in the urine can then cause the urine to foam.

It is not very serious when this happens. However, you should take the cue and drink extra water to make up for the shortage. Things will go back to normal when your body is rehydrated. Dehydration can also be caused when you do not drink enough water during the summers or after an intense physical workout.

Another way to know that the foamy urine has been caused due to dehydration is if the urine has changed in color from pale yellow to a darker color. Also, concentrated urine has a stronger smell than normal urine. Urination is also affected by stress. This is because when the body is under immense stress, it triggers a hormonal imbalance. As a result, the amount of protein albumin that should be present in the urine rises, thereby leading to foam formation.The first tendency when one notices that the urine has become foamy is to panic.

However, there is no need to panic, as the foamy urine can be caused by a wide range of factors and conditions. The sooner you are properly informed on the subject, the easier it will be to calm down. As you will have the opportunity to read below, one of the most common causes that leads to such changes is the forceful urination. If there is no forceful urination but the urine is nevertheless foamy, this may be related to the increased quantities of proteins or to a kidney problem.

Before you start panicking, try to think about the chemicals that you are using the clean the toilet these can interact with the urine and cause it to appear foamy. The doctor will most likely recommend that you take a sample of urine and take it to the laboratory for analysis there it will be determined whether the foamy appearance is suggestive of an illness or not.

In general, the persistence of the foamy aspect of urine requires immediate urine analysis. The doctor will either recommend a standard dipstick test or, in the situation that more serious conditions are suspected, a hour urine collection test. These are the most common methods of diagnosis for the underlying conditions that lead to the foamy urine:.

As the foamy urine is merely a symptom, the treatment is often concentrated on the underlying condition. Once the condition behind the foamy urine has been treated, the symptoms are going to disappear on their own without additional treatment being necessary. Apart from the treatment of the underlying cause, it is also possible to administer symptomatic treatment for the symptoms that are associated to the foamy urine.

The most common symptomatic treatment includes anti-inflammatory medication, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen. This medication is administered with the purpose of bringing pain relief to the patient, as well as reduce the inflammation.

In more severe cases, more powerful medication might be administered, for similar purposes. Corticosteroids, such as prednisone or hydrocortisone, can reduce both the pain and inflammation but they cannot be administered for prolonged periods of time, due to the associated negative side-effects.

More powerful analgesics are recommended for patients who suffer from chronic conditions, so as to help them get through the pain and discomfort. However, these can cause addiction and they should be administered with care.

In many patients, the foamy urine is caused by infections at the level of the urinary tract or bladder. Such infections can be easily prevented by maintaining an excellent hygiene in the area. It is recommended that one avoids sitting down on public toilets; if you do have to sit down, make sure that you properly disinfect the toilet seat before using it. You should also avoid washing the intimate area too thoroughly, as such actions destroy the natural flora and leave the genital area exposed to bacterial overgrowth.

Increasing the water intake can help in case of dehydration, with the appearance of the urine being immediately improved. It is also important to avoid the excessive consumption of tea or coffee, as these beverages can easily contribute to the dehydration of the body. Home Diseases and Conditions Foamy Urine.Presence of foamy urine in the toilet bowl, on urination can cause lots of people to panic. However, one does not necessarily need to panic. Foamy urine in the morning, or any other time can be caused due to a variety of reasons like forceful urination, reaction to toilet cleaners, etc.

The sight of foamy urine on urination often rings the siren of alarm! Presence of foam in the toilet bowl after urination is becoming even more common these days. Are the lifestyle changes to be blamed, or is it something else? From what we know, foamy urine need not necessarily indicate something is wrong. It can occur due to various simple reasons, such as forceful urination, however, it also can be an indicator of kidney damage or proteinuria.

Foamy urine can be caused by rapid urination. At times, when you delay a visit to the washroom, large amounts of urine gets collected in the bladder.

Finally when you do urinate, you may end up urinating forcefully, in an attempt to let it all out as fast as possible. This causes the urine stream to hit the toilet bowl rapidly, thereby spearheading foam formation. When people are in a hurry, they tend to urinate as quickly and forcibly as possible, which can again result in foamy urine.

Foam due to rapid urination should disappear within the next few minutes. Concentrated Urine Low amounts of fluid intake results in formation of concentrated urine, which also leads to foamy urine. Concentrated urine also means mild dehydration. Foamy urine caused by concentrated or dehydration is not deleterious. To stop the bubble formation, drink lots of water and hydrate your body.

The foam should disappear once you have hydrated yourself. However, if the foam persists, the underlying reason may be something else. Toilet Cleaner Sometimes foam is created due to a reaction taking place between the toiler cleaners used and the urine. To confirm if the foam is caused by this reaction, urinate in a sterile beaker and check if the foam persists.

If foam is still present in the beaker, the toiler cleaner is not responsible for the foam. Presence of Semen The presence of semen in the urine released from the body, can result in foamy urine. Usually after intercourse, small amounts of semen gets left behind in the urethra.

However, this amount is insignificant and cannot lead to foamy urine.View Full Version : Bathroom Problem dark foamy urine help I have managed to work myself up to a tizzy again.

foamy urine no more panic

Especially after anxiety issues. Now, for the last few months, really foamy too. I should not have searched Foamy urine online. I just had a ton of blood work done about a month ago, and the tested for just about everything.

Everything came out good in the blood tests. I told my dr. I take a PPI in the morning, one a day vitamin and fish oil daily. That is all. Now I think that I have some kind of kidney disease or something. If I am dehydrated a bit, it is really dark. But normally, it is too dark for me to see it as normal, and root beer type foam. I can drink a lot of fluids, and the foam will not really go away. Can any of those things I am taking cause it?

Can adrenaline cause it? I am really worried now That is what I was hoping too. I have been drinking quite a bit of fluids, but it has been over a degrees for a while. Would low on fluids also make wee so foamy?

Sure, it gives it all sorts, You need to give it few days, and try not to look in the toilet for a day or so, or you will not know the difference if you keep looking.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Frothy urine??!?? Thread starter Southern Gent Start date Sep 22, Southern Gent Friend. Your Connection to Diabetes Newly daignosed T2. My urine was extremely frothy first thing this morning. Did not get up to use the loo in the night - so held it longer than usual.

It was like a pot boiling.

Foamy Urine – Should You be Worried?

Of course, read all the internet jargon about nephrotic syndrome - I think this diagnosis is turning me into a hypochandriac. Ditched the diet this weekend, and consumed several beers and ate the "crockpot" foods watching college football.

My BS this morning 2 hours after bkfts was I haven't been checking as much was initially obsessive - as I felt it was "under control" with the met and changes. Why can't I be normal for just one freakin' day - ugh.

Along with the other symptoms or maybe I should say mental symptoms Any thoughts or experience with frothy urine - thanks. Well- it could have been the beer you drank!! Drank the beer Saturday, the frothy pee came first thing Monday morning. I was just wondering if others might have symptoms as such, as a brief internet quest referred this symptom to DM or renal issues.

I've just become hypersentive to any strange differences since dx, new meds and such. Trying to get a grip on my health - which was seemingly fine last year - albeit probably due to my ignorance. Diabetes sucksView Full Version : Probably going to the hospital later because of my kidneys.

Hi everyone, its me again. In the past, I've had my struggle with bubbly and foamy urine. I know this is fairly common especially among men. I'm a bit freaked out because recently, I have some of the bubbles and foamy stuff that don't get flushed even after I flush the toilet. I've had some friends pee on the toilet and most of them leave bubbles or froth even after flushing. That's the only thing that is keeping me sane. But just this morning, I sudddenly bcame anxious about all this bubbly thing in urine atter flushing.

Having HA, i am diagnosing myself with protein in urine and kidney disease. My last urine test was last year and it came out fine. Im just scared that between last year and today, my kidneys are sick and leaking already. Im at work now and i cannot concentrate. Im thinking of going to the hospital to have a urine test to finally confirm or clear my fears. Im hoping for the latter of course.

I just wanna ask if anybody here had been sooooo sure beyond doubt that there was something wrong with them, but eventually the medical test said you are fine? Cuz right now I am sure as hell that my kidney is leaking and malfunctioning at the age of 21 :weep:. You don't seem to have symptoms of an infection or UTI. If anything was wrong with your kidneys you'd be feeling pretty ill.

I think you're focusing too much on your urine and not accepting its pretty normal. What do you think is wrong? Hi mishel, thanks for the reply. The thing I think is wrong is that I have protein in my urine not because of a treatable infection but because it is not in good shape in general. I am merely judging myself based on the foamy and bubbly appearance of my urine in the toilet and some of the bubbles still rise on the surface even after flushing it!

This is really making me feel bad. Cuz right now I am sure as hell that my kidney is leaking and malfunctioning at the age of 21 :weep: I think we all have I am so sure myself right now that I have a serious illness:weep: Im sure you are fine, it really doesn't sound like anything else than health anxiety which is bad enough, I know:whistles: :bighug Thanks justina.

Ugh just cant help myself right now because of this. I hope somebody here has very bubbly or foamy urine yet still had normal urine tests etc. I was worried about that last year because one test I did came back and said proteins in the urine.

So I kept controlling it and to me it looked very foamy. So I went to have a new test but the levels were normal again! So the foam was either just my imagination or something that is normal. Hi justina, thanks again.It appears you have not yet Signed Up with our community. To Sign Up for free, please click here Ask our community of thousands of members your health questions, and learn from others experiences. Join the conversation! Health Board's Privacy Policy.

There was a problem adding your email Try again. All rights reserved. Do not copy or redistribute in any form! Subscribe To Cancer. Foamy Urine started it all Foamy urine started it all Or did it? I don't know what of the things I've experienced leading up to where I am now is or is not related to my situation. Like everyone else, I've spent a lot of time googling to see what's wrong with me.

I think this is good in some ways because it allows us to be somewhat informed and maybe bring up things that our GP's might not think to check. For me, it's also very taxing and obsessive I got a sudden case of somewhat painful, really urgent, very unpredictable amounts and urgency urination and thought I had gotten a UTI of some sort.

Particles Floating In Urine – Causes, Treatment and Prevention

I went in to the doctor's office and they did a urine test on me. My urine showed up clean, but apparently there were trace amounts of blood in it. They didn't bother to tell me that until later, but with whatever basic test they put it through there So, they thought it wasn't a UTI. Well, the following week I go get tested for STDs because I had unprotected sex with a woman I didn't know all that well. Though it was brief vaginal exposure I was terrified, but I figured I would get diagnosed and be treated for it and have to move on.

All my tests came back negative.

Foamy urine without proteinuria

Well, except for HIV. We didn't test for that right away.

foamy urine no more panic

Fast forward another week Like, nothing over 99 degrees, mind you. Also, everyone else in my house had similar stuff going around. Also, I got a spontaneous pain in my eye one night while walking around and then realized my eyes were super itchy and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw that they were VERY bloodshot. As the days progressed, I dealt with itchy, sore, tired, bloodshot eyes and still do, at this point.

I got to googling again, adding that to my untreated foamy urine symptoms. They took more urine and sent some blood to be looked at. It showed that I had had mono at one point in my life and I did have herpes simplex 1, but nothing else. They said my blood looked great and my urine was clear.