Search this site. Select a product type to see solutions to most common problems you may encounter with your appliance. Many homeowners use their dishwasher on a daily basis, so when a problem develops with the appliance, they wish to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Troubleshooting your dishwasher may be overwhelming initially, but once you learn what to look for, you may actually save yourself time and money. Look for a possibly tripped circuit breaker or check fuses to see if you need to replace them.

For models that are equipped with a childlock or keylock feature, check to see if either have been engaged. Turn it off by holding down the keylock button until the light above it goes out. For dishes, pots and pans that are extremely dirty, be sure to use the Heavy program. You may also want to soak items with heavily baked-on soil prior to loading the dishwasher.

Clean away any debris blocking the holes in the spray arms as well. If the arms are clean and able to rotate, check the detergent. Examine the drain filter. If it inserted incorrectly or is blocked, the dishwasher may not operate properly. Examine the water inlet hose to make sure that it is securely connected to the dishwasher. Call an authorized service center for assistance.

They should be clipped to the mounting valves on the bottom of the tub and will make a clicking sound when they are firmly in place. To make sure that they are properly placed, rotate them with your hand to see if they move freely. If there is no issue with the spray arms, there may not be sufficient water in the motor area. Running a wash program usually increases water to the motor area and reduces motor noises. Many homeowners use their dishwasher on a daily basis, so when a problem develops with the appliance, To correct these problems, you may be required to reset the dishwasher, which is a fairly simple operation to perform.

Fisher and Paykel is an appliance manufacturer based in East Tamaki, New Zealand that originally was a refrigerator The engineering is elegant in its simplicity. Anyway, the problem with this particular dishdrawer was that the top drawer with an 11 minute wash was giving an F1 error code after the initial rinse, about five minutes into the cycle. The F1 code indicates an overfill condition.

One of the most common causes for an overfill fault is that the dishwasher cannot pump out the dirty water due to a plugged drain hose. So, I put the dishdrawer into diagnostic mode and tested the fill and pumpout functions—everything was peachy. Well, Houston, we had a problem and it was time for the Samurai to break open a can of whup-ass on this dishdrawer. First thing I did was pull the front panel off the drawer, like ahso: With that front panel off, I pulled the wire harness connectors off the main control board lower right-hand side to inspect for gookus.

None found—my quest continued.


The next step to remove the botton drawer from the unit so I could inspect the flood switch. In order to do this, I had to remove the wire harness cover on the underside of the drawer. This is what the underside of the dishdrawer looks like with the botton cover panel removed: Fisher Paykel DD dishdrawer, looking at the underside of one of the drawers with the wire cover plate removed.

With the bottom cover off, I could unclip the wire harness, fill hose, and drain hose.My draws just start by themselves and the flash F1. Can both drawers be used at same time please on dd60 model? Why does my top drawer control pad keep changing by itself to 11mins and then all buttons get stuck for a while and suddenly I might be able to get it back to 80mins and then without me touching it, it will suddenly change back to 11mins? I have turned the power off to reset but still no luck.

My email is: brendadawson56 gmail. When I close the door and hit play it makes a double beep sound, which it would usually make if you hit play and the door is open. Anyone know how to fix this? My dishwasher won't let me change the setting and is stuck on rinse setting. I tried unplugging it and turning back on but it's still on rinse. We ran a wash in the top drawer then came back to top drawer very hard to pull open with water still in bottom and electricity tripped.

Appears to have happened half way through wash. The drawer is very hard to pull open for the first half then slide easily. Any ideas? Got to turn the power off at the wall, then try, still tight then turn power back on and try.

How to Get the Best Results from your DishDrawer™ Dishwasher - Fisher & Paykel

Our bottom dishwasher stops at the middle of the cycle at certain time, like 48min. What can we do? Can u put things that specify top draw of a dishwasher into a dish draw or is the element too close? I have cleaned the filters and the drawer is not blocked. I am thinking it is the seal not working in the drawer. Any ideas please.

fisher and paykel dishdrawer buttons not working

After 12 months of this then it began leaking water down through the carcass and onto my timber floor. This was intermittent and you could never tell when it was going to happen, sometimes it would go months without leaking and then it would do twice in a month.

Had repairers look at it but could never find the cause. They told us to remove strainerpoke some whipper snipper chord up though the strainer hole ,jiggle in and out, and also another through the internal tube that pumps the water out, to clean away tiny bit of debris. My husband who is an electrician and was contacted because she needed it looked at ,unfortunately could not help her ,but it reinforced to us that this dishwasher is not designed for every day use and should be steered clear of at all costs.

Glad to see the end of it!! You have checked the filter. Other than running a cleaning agent through I cannot help. DD top draw will not open as auto-lock is on and not releasing.

Control Buttons Inside the Drawer Not Responding to Touch

It remained partly closed and stuck about cm from being fully closed. Tried to re-set, lock and unlock, nothing works? Top of the top drawer is scrapping as you try to close the drawer. Sorry suggest you contact service. Very happy with mine since the fault was fixed. Hi I have a fisher and paykel dishdrawers - there is no fault showing both drawers everytime the small filter is clogging up with fat residue so it appears the water is not hot enough?

The arm and the large wide filter i clean out all the time so it does not appear anything to do with that either.Page of 39 Go. Quick Links. See also: Service ManualUser Manual. Diagnostic Manual. Table of Contents. Page 4 Drain Hose 2. Once the option adjustment mode is entered, a beep is emitted and the LCD displays the letters rA. The rinse aid index is stored in EE memory, so even with the power removed, the rinse aid level is retained.

There are currently four levels of diagnostics. Once hardware diagnostics has been entered, the current hardware output being tested is indicated by letters in the LCD display, and for integrated and flat door models the LEDs on the touch switch panel using binary encoding, as shown in the table on the next page.

Page 10 As mentioned on the previous page, the LCD display and touch switch panel LEDs are illuminated to correspond to a particular hardware device. The following table details the display order of the test. This level runs an 8 minute fast test cycle. Page 12 The test sequence in fast cycle mode performs 33 tests. The number of any failed test is displayed on the touch switch panel LEDs. The test sequence continues even if a test fails.

If there are multiple failures the LEDs will change during the test. Playing Tunes 3. Page Fault Codes Fault Codes There are 10 F fatal faults, which are displayed in the LCD along with the symbol of a spanner not on integrated or flat door models. A fatal fault will usually require the assistance of a qualified service person. In addition, there are 4 U user faults. Page Fault Code Description Chart Once the fault has been cleared for an F3, F8 or F9 fault, the power needs to be disconnected and reconnected to reset the isolation relay before the product can be used again.

Fault Code Description Chart The following chart is a quick reference guide on fault codes. To read a fault code off an integrated or flat door model, refer to the LED Display column on the chart below. F1 Flood Detected The bottom controller flood detector circuit has been activated.

The product will abort the wash program, log the fault, start the drain pump, and report to the user. The product will pause the wash program, log the fault, and report to the user.

Note: The isolation relay will be disabled. The product will abort the wash program, log the fault and report to the user. The product will pause the wash program, log the fault and report to the user.

The product will disable the power supply, log the fault, lock out the user and report to the user. Power to the product will need to be disconnected then reconnected for it to become fully functional again. The product will disable power supply, log the fault, lock out the user and report to the user. Replace the top controller if it does not work in the bottom tub.

The lid has reached its stall current too soon.Outdated browser detected You are using an unsupported browser and may not experience the site, or shop online as intended. We recommend you upgrade. The washing machine won't turn on Troubleshooting tips Check that the washing machine is plugged in and switched on at the wall. Try another power socket to be sure. Check that there has not been a power failure at your address. Switch the power off, wait 60 seconds and switch it back on to reset the machine.

If none of these steps help, click here to schedule a technician to inspect your machine.

How to fix Fisher & Paykel DW60CSW1 dishwasher

Check that the wash cycle has not been paused. Check for an error code on the machine's front panel. Check the hot and cold water taps that supply your machine are turned on. Check for blocked filters in the inlet hoses. Clear blockages and try again. Check for and straighten any kinks in the water hoses. If the flow rate of your water supply is too slow, an error may occur.

It is unlikely that the technician will be able to resolve the problem; your plumber can help. Check that the machine's Delay Start function has not been activated.

If you need help with this function, refer to the Use and Care manual that came with your machine. The washing machine stops working mid-cycle Troubleshooting tips Check for an error code on the machine's front panel.

If so, restart the wash cycle once the power supply is restored. A build-up of detergent suds can cause this problem. Check that you are using a frontloader-specific detergent. The wash cycle will restart when the suds have dissolved. The washing machine drains while it is filling Troubleshooting tips Check that the drainage hose is installed correctly and is not too low. Check that the outlet end of the drainage hose is not sitting in water.

If that doesn't help, click here to schedule a technician to inspect your machine. The washing machine isn't draining Troubleshooting tips Check for blockages in the drainage hose.My son has been asking what the pipes in our house look like inside so I bought the cheapest 2-metre waterproof pipe inspection camera I could find. Having been looking for a new phone on eBay I had been exposed to the many cheap clone phones from China and was curious about what they were like.

Unfortunately there isn't much information online about them, although there are plenty of warnings not to buy. If you have shopped for a mobile phone on eBay Australia recently you have probably seen a large number of phones available from China, brands and models you haven't seen before. Had exactly the same problem with this dishwasher. Examined the door switch and discovered that like yours, the plastic pivot thing was not pushing the microswitch down quite far enough.

This means the dishwasher thinks the door is still open and hence won't start. I didn't even need a multimeter to diagnose - with the pivot thing down I used a match stick to force the microswitch down a bit further and heard a little click indicating that it was now on.

I ended up jamming a couple of staples under the complete switch box the same as you, this forced the whole microswitch assembly up a little in the door lock assembly, meaning that the pivot thing made better contact. Might find something a bit better to jam under there but the staples are doing the job for now. Thanks for your blog, solved my problem! Absolute legend, this fixed the problem immediately, a small piece of zip the fixed everything.

I wonder how many of these machines have been thrown away because of this!!!! Thank you. This post was a life saver for us!

fisher and paykel dishdrawer buttons not working

Had exactly the same problem and fixed it thanks to this post. Thank you! Thank you very much for the advice. I had the same problem and cut up an old store card to wedge under the switch. Dishwasher working again! You have just saved me, John Thank you so much. I have done it by using 2mm solid sponge. It may sit too tight but I am sure it will last for years ahead.

Thanks loads John! I cut up some small squares of plastic and squeezed them under the micro-switch, perfect fix I'm happy this post has helped a few people fix their dishwasher. It would have been good if I had taken a photo of the switch to show the problem, but I didn't at the time.

If anyone else does this repair and can take a photo please send it to me so I can add it here The replacement I had on hand used screw terminals instead of spades, but a quick crimp with ring terminals and it was good to go. This unit has had a few bits drain hose, inlet head and now door switch wear out over its 7 or so years, but they've all been fairly easy fixes thankfully.

John thank you soooo much mate, fixed: So glad I found your post before my gfriend totally destroyed the machine with a sledgehammer Thank you mate!!!To Delay start. If you scroll past 12 hours the dishwasher will exit Delay start mode.

To re-enter delay start follow step 1 above. If the drawer is opened after delay start has been set for example if you need to load more dishesdelay start will be paused after the drawer is closed. Keylock disables all the buttons — helpful when cleaning thedishwasher.

Childlock disables all the buttons and locks the drawer closedpreventing unauthorized use by children. Details many of the various controls and their respective descriptions for your DishDrawer. Single models. Double models. Not all modifiers are available for all wash programs.

Wait for the 3 short and one long tone before opening the drawer. Forcing it open mid cycle may cause damage or injury. If the drawer is not restarted within 7 minutes it will tone intermittently until it is restarted. You are now in Delay start mode. The wash will start once the delay time is over, provided the drawer is closed.

DD24 models only If the drawer is opened after delay start has been set for example if you need to load more dishesdelay start will be paused after the drawer is closed. To restart delay start: Close the drawer. If there is any water in the drawer, it will automatically drain before the dishwasher turns off. Keylock Keylock disables all the buttons — helpful when cleaning thedishwasher.

Childlock Childlock disables all the buttons and locks the drawer closedpreventing unauthorized use by children.The wash program is still underway.

Spray arm unable to rotate. Ensure no items are obstructing the spray arm path. Refer to the section on loading. Detergent put in the wrong compartment of the dispenser. Detergent must be placed in the large compartment. Excess food not removed from dinnerware prior to loading. Scrape all food scraps off dinnerware prior to loading. Unsuitable detergent Use detergents suitable for automatic dishwashers.

Not enough detergent. Spray arm holes are blocked. Clean the spray arm. Clean the filter plate and drain filter. Foaming Incorrect amount of detergent. Too much egg in the wash load. Increase the amount of detergent. Rinse aid setting too high.

Decrease the rinse aid setting. Rinse aid dispenser plug not closed properly. Ensure that the rinse aid dispenser plug is closed tight, with its hand grip pointing straight ahead.

Water leaking Drain hose disconnected from waste pipe. Reconnect the drain hose to the waste pipe. Water inlet hose not properly connected. Ensure the inlet hose is connected securely. Other leaks.

fisher and paykel dishdrawer buttons not working

Turn water and power supplies to the dishwasher off. Turn the Childlock off. Power failure during cycle Power outage in your home or area.

fisher and paykel dishdrawer buttons not working

Wait until power resumes, cycle will restart in same part of wash program. Continuous beeping A fault has occurred. Intermittent beeping Dishwasher is in pause mode. High-pitched, subtle beeping during a wash program Rinse aid is being dispensed. This is normal and needs no action. Control buttons inside the drawer do not respond to touch Water over control buttons. Wipe the area dry.