Softies, Plushies, Stuffies, or Stuffed Animals. Any name will do. I could see any of my grandkids sitting on this while pretending to fill in the blank. Like the penguins, I believe there should be a collection.

And I particularly love this one because it has a pocket! She creates some of the most adorable plushie patterns around that are for sale! This bear is one of her freebies named Pete! I told you I was a fan. Did you notice that they are made from minky cloth. Very clever, indeed. Perfect for any child who is in love with super heroes.

Think about how easy it would be to personalize this pattern. Everyone needs a pocket friend. This adorable koala is made from felted wool. How absolutely perfect. I really want a sewing machine for Christmas pleeeease hubby so I can make my daughter cute little toys and things. A I love them all …great way to use up those left-overs!! You will need to click on the link next to each of the names in the list. That should take you to the sites with the patterns.

Hi, these are soooo cute and inventive- I love them all! Just wondering if there was a lion pattern I could have a look at?Tuesday, August 7, Photo Fun! So a friend of mine, Kathryn Hansen was talking to me about how she has this wonderful camera, but not always many things to photograph. So I told her about how I have all these plushies, but I'm not skilled at photographing them, and so we agreed it'd be great to have her take some photos of the plushies!

cute stuffies

I loved ALL of the photos she took, but unfortunately etsy only allows us to share 5 photos per plush, so I thought it'd be fun to make a blog post to share some of the other cute fun photos!! One of the fun ideas they had was throwing them up in the air for action shots! Here was my favorite of those: Apparently she got alittle carried away one day and bought 22 limes to take a bunch of photos of the lime with some friends!

And this one is just so cute, to see the two of them frolicking :D This is my absolute favorite of the bunch!!! Tuesday, July 3, Whats new to come!

21 Adorable Stuffed Animals For Grown-Ass Adults

I was so busy, in May I went to Rome for our 3 yr anniversary, it was really wonderful, and for photos of that trip go to my Deviantart scrapbook. Shortly after I got back I was asked to do a long term sub position, which between that and my tutoring I had no time at all to sew : But with the school year over, and my long term sub position complete, I finally have the time to sew again!

I've been very busy with some things. First I felt like making more chubby stars. I love making those guys, and I decided to make them in a variety of sizes. Normally they are about the size of a small fist. But I've made some very tiny ones, and they're super cute. I'm going to make more, and perhaps even an albino one for kicks and giggles. I threw in a pen in the picture to show the size.

In addition to the stars I'm working on a donut. It's almost done and I think so far it's coming out really cute! I have it sitting on the table smiling at me whenever I walk by.

The sprinkles are these cute beads I found at the craft store. It was actually pretty hard making a donut, and I ended up gluing the glaze part on because it looked really weird when I tried stitching it on. My big project is a happy toaster. I had started this project before Rome, but couldn't think of a good way to execute it before I went.

Nocw I've been working on it and I got the hard parts figured out. The top slits were originally going to be actually holes. I wanted to originally be able to put toasty the toast plush in the toaster, but toasty is a bit bigger than actual toast and I started to realize it wouldn't fit. So instead I sewed some black fabric inside and cut out strips from the outside to still give a look like there are slits in the toaster.

The Cutest Free Stuffed Animal Patterns

Today I worked on adding a lever on the side. I used multiple layers of felt and put a pipe cleaner inside it to keep it's shape. Originally I was going to have the lever move up and down, but I messed up where I cut the hole, so to salvage the whole project I just permanently attached it. It would have been cool if it could move up and down, but I was being stupid XD I still have to add a bottom and stuff it.

Saturday, February 4, New Car! I know, unrelated to plushing, but very relevant to life! Sometimes how the sun htis it it looks blue and purple, it's really cool :D. Friday, January 20, My Snow Week! So It snowed almost the whole week and when it didn't snow, there was enough snow and ice that it was unsafe to drive. As a result I got the whole week off!Skip to main content Cute Stuffed Animals.

In Stock. I was looking for a gift for my boss, who loves food and cute things. He already has a Grumpy Cat from me, so Pusheen was the next natural choice. The only problem was deciding between this one and the ice cream holding Pusheen. Quality is as expected from GUND. The soft microfiber exterior is nice to touch. Because of the way the toy is bagged, it can get squished, so if you are giving this to someone, be sure to allow for some time to unsquish.

The whiskers on mine are bent forward, for example, and she got a bit flattened, so 1 star off for the packaging. I don't know if the whiskers will return to their proper place over time. Other than that, no complaints. Very soft, lovable and a good size. I've uploaded a video showing detailing. Add to cart. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. I bought this for my girlfriend's sister and she loves it! It is incredibly soft and cozy.

The first thing I we did was hold it like it is shown in the photo, and instantly fell in love. Anyone who loves hedgehogs needs to get one of these. I'm a year-old woman. This sloth wasn't purchased for my child. I don't have a child. I bought it for me.

cute stuffies

It's super cute and the perfect size to cuddle. The fibers look a little ragged, but that just adds to its charm for me.

Home Alone! - Cute Mario Bros.

This little otter is very cute and soft, but its a little hard when it comes to stuffing. Also it's a lot smaller than I expected. Anyway, great plush. Currently unavailable. I bought this for a friend's 9 month old daughter.

This toy is perfect for sensory play. One of the characters has a noise box that when squeezed plays sound, another character crinkles when squeezed, and the third squeaks. Very pleased. See All Buying Options.

Very cute thank you. In stock. It's so cute! I ordered it December 18 and wasn't expecting it until late January to early February, but it arrived today! I was so surprised.Picking the right name for a stuffed animal can be a challenge. But it can also be quite fun and creative. The names in question have been picked from the web and suggestions of friends. If you have other cool ideas for fun stuffed animal names please share them with us via the comments below or via our forum.

And now…. But you can also go outside the box with names derived from movie characters, word plays and so on. Here we go, in no particular order. Bonus: Another great way to find fun stuffed animal names is to look up the words for the certain animal in other languages. A mouse or example can be called Mishka which is the Bulgarian word for a mouse.

Stuffed animals once again are taking a major role during stressful times. The coronavirus outbreak Recent Posts. Many celebrities also love toys. Anna Kendrick is among them and she loves to collect The coronavirus outbreak changed a lot of plans and this includes the toy industry, too Quarantine time can be a tough challenge for more active kids who like to be This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Using the site means you agree with that Accept Reject Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.SO many ladies have fallen in love with them but don't own an Embroidery Machine.

Product wishlist. Merbabies Sewing Pattern. Ladybug Sewing Pattern. Gnome Sewing Pattern. Bumble Bee Sewing Pattern. Tilda Doll Sewing Pattern.

cute stuffies

Caterpillar Sewing Pattern. Cockatoo Sewing Pattern. Baby Bear Sewing Pattern. Mouse Sewing Pattern. PDF sewing pattern to make a cute Mouse that is 7. Sloth Sewing Pattern. Butterfly Sewing Pattern. Piglet Sewing Pattern. Hedgehog Sewing Pattern. Love Bird Chick Sewing Pattern. Tooth Goblin Sewing Pattern.

Dragon Sewing Pattern. Floppy Eared Bunny Sewing Pattern. Dragonfly Sewing Pattern. Baby Babushka Sewing Pattern. Shark Sewing Pattern. Beaver Sewing Pattern. You'll love how fast these Darling Duck Sewing Pattern. These featheredPlushies, stuffies, stuffed toys, loveys — what do you call sweet little toys like these?

No matter what name you have for them, they are simply adorable. This roundup includes something for everyone. Projects ranging from small to large, beginner to advanced, there is something to please every child and maybe a few adults on your list.

Some of these are even a great way to use up some of those fabric scraps you have stashed away. Baby Pip. Candy Corn Bear. Pumpkin Teddy. Sew Tiny Teddies.

Small Panda. Folksy Bird. Owl Stuffies. Owl Tag Toy. Purl Bee Penguin pictured. Sweet Owlie Softie. Angry Birds. Angel Dolls. Black Apple Doll. Elf on the Shelf Doll. Merry Mermaid. Modest Mermaid.There are so many to choose from, here. Found at Hashtag Collectibles. Plus, it's dope as fuck. Get it from ThinkGeek. Ya sicko. Get it on Etsy. Get it from Otaku Mode. Also from Otaku Mode. They know what we need.

Found here.

100+ Stuffed Toy DIY Patterns

Find it here. Embrace the fact that you'll never be fully grown up. Visit Build-A-Bear's website here. Get it from Amazon! What do you know? Otaku Modeagain! That's for babies. Get it from Etsy! If you like animals so much, kinda seems like a good option. Check it out here! Many different sloths available on Etsy. Found on Etsy.

cute stuffies

We all know it's a goddamn stuffed animal. Found at ModCloth. Honestly, it's not even as expensive as you'd think it is. More info here. Posted on January 20,GMT. Elaina Wahl.