As a reader of FromRome. Info, you may have noticed that I try to emphasize reports which connect the dots — that is, which show the relationships between cause and effect, and try to discern the cause of effects and demonstrate the effects of causes. I do this, because as as student in middle school, I recognized that only when you understand causes and effects do you really begin to understand.

At the beginning I believed the hype on Coronavirus. But thanks to you readers, I took a look at the facts and that opened my eyes. For that reason, I have recently published for you a series articles about the Corona Hype, which show that the panic being pushed by the World Health Organization and National leaders is not based on the real threat of COVID, the natural mortality of which world wide is much lower than the normal winter flue in the principle nations of the earth.

For all the articles on Corona Virus, see here. This led me to take the editorial position against the hype, on March 16, in my Editorial pledging to oppose it. Reflecting on this, I began to recognize the true story here was the universal, unquestioning and dogmatic hype regarding a phenomenon which medically did not deserve such panic-mongering. As an anthropologist — B.

ask catholic church questions

University of Florida, Gainesville, — I know that in such human events, the causes are human beings. Specifically, the causes arise among individuals asking or advising one another to act in response to certain events.

For this reason, I owe a big thanks to the lady who goes by the Nick, The Amazing Pollyfor encouraging me to question what was going on, from the point of view of the human event of the Corona Hype. As a son of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, I know that when it comes to the manipulation of the masses, one must look at Freemasonry and the many organizations which are founded upon promoting lies so as to rule by mendacity.

For this reason, I already knew much of what Alex Jones reported more than 10 years ago, about the Bilderberg Group. But his report was prophetic, in a sense, because therein he explains in a way easily understood, just what the global network of elites want to do and how they are achieving their plans. See his movie, the End Game, a link to which you can find here in the middle of the Article. Let me quote from their official press release, on the agenda for their meeting. Their words, not mine:.

About participants from 23 countries have confirmed their attendance. As ever, a diverse group of political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia, labour and the media has been invited. A Stable Strategic Order 2. & answer the web's most searched Catholic questions

What Next for Europe?I'm planning on getting married next year, I'm Catholic but my Fiancee is not and we plan on having the cermony in my church which is Catholic. We are meeting with the priest this week and would like to know what questions does the priest ask during the sit down?

He will ask if either has been married before, any children, drug or drinking habits, if you live together. If you are not an active parishioner of that church he will ask you to send copies of your sacrament certificates.

It is a fill-in question sheet with about questions, regarding your views about marriage and other aspects people do not think about. He will give you the sheet about the total cost and where it is being shared.

Usually the cost is Different church's and different priests will ask different things. Mostly, they will want to know if the non-catholic will convert. If the answer is no, some church's won't agree to the wedding. Some still will though. But, they will ask if the non-catholic spouse will agree to raise the children catholic.

If the answer is no, most catholic church's will not agree to marry you in their church. My husband and i went to a nondenominational church to get married. I explained that i could not have children So, i finally said. That made them decide to not allow us to marry in the church and that church was more easy going than most. The priests also want to know why you are getting married, and want to talk you into some pre-marriage counseling through them before hand.

Which, is always a good idea really. They want to make sure you are compatible and it won't end easily in divorce like so many do. They then ask you if either are divorced. If your fiance is divorced, then they want you to pay for a church annulment. The more you pay, the faster you can get one.

ask catholic church questions

You can ask for a free one to be done, but be advised it takes years to get that way. I went through it and we did it the free way, took 4 full years after we were married to get it.

But it sure made my mother in law happier. After we were happily married for 8 years, the church said they'd marry us. So if you get married elsewhereWe Catholics are often asked tough questions about our Catholic faith and its relationship to the Bible. Here are the ten most-asked-questions and the answers that should help you satisfy both your questioner and yourself.

All Catholic beliefs can be found in the Bible in some form, whether plainly or by an indirect indication. It is not necessary for everything to be absolutely clear in Scripture alone, because that is not a teaching of Scripture itself. Scripture also points to an authoritative Church and Tradition, as St. When the first Christians had a significant disagreement, they didn't simply open their Bibles which didn't even exist at that point to decide who was right; they held a council, which made binding decrees Acts The very books of the Bible had to be determined by the Church and that didn't happen until the late fourth century.

Therefore, Sacred Tradition and authority were necessary for us to even have a Bible today. Why do you obey the Pope? Catholics believe that Jesus commissioned St. Peter as the first leader of the Church. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven" Mt Based on this statement of Jesus himself, Peter is clearly portrayed in the New Testament as the leader of the disciples.

A pope can make infallible, binding pronouncements under certain conditions. Infallibility doesn't mean that absolutely everything a pope says is free from error. All Christians believe that God protected Holy Scripture from error by means of inspiration, even though sinful, fallible men wrote it.

We Catholics also believe that God the Holy Spirit protects His Church and its head from error Jn by means of infallibility, even though sinful, imperfect men are involved in it.

Why do you call your priest "Father"? In this passage, Jesus is teaching that God the Father alone is ultimately the source of all authority. But He is not speaking absolutely, because if so, that would eliminate even biological fathers, the title "Church Fathers", the founding fathers of a country or organization and so on.

Jesus himself uses the term "father" in Matthew ;19, 29;John and several other places. Paul also uses the term when he writes, "I became your father in Christ Jesus through the gospel 1 Cor - see also 1 Cor and refers to "our forefather Isaac" Rom Scott Hahn's Apologetics Dr.

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ask catholic church questions

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Following is a list of questions that I sometimes ask Roman Catholics in various discussions. The responses vary from defensive tradition to ignoring them and hoping to go away. Some of the questions are easier for Roman Catholics to respond to, and others are not. I hope that these might be helpful in your dialogs with the Roman Catholics as you try to present to them the true and saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

How then was the Eucharist his crucified body and blood?

ask catholic church questions

If, as the Roman Catholic Church teaches, that the Eucharist Wine is the literal blood of Christ, then how is that not violating the Old Testament law against drinking the blood of any flesh Lev. How is it possible for the Eucharist to be the actual body and blood of Christ if, by definition, a human body is only in one place at one time as Jesus' body was in the incarnation, especially when you realize that Jesus is still a man 1 Tim. Interpreting Scripture The Roman Catholic Church says that individuals are not allowed to interpret the Bible, but that they must submit to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church.

How then can you know if the Catholic Church is correct if you can't check it against Scripture? Remember, Paul praised the Bereans for checking even what he said against scripture Acts If not, why not? If the phrase "let each man before he convinced his own mind" means that he is able to interpret Scripture on his own, what does he do if he believes what he sees in Scripture contradicts the Roman Catholic Church's teaching?

If the phrase "let each man before he convinced his own mind" means that he is able to interpret Scripture on his own, then doesn't that contradict the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church which denies you the right to interpret God's word regarding faith, morals, and doctrine in a manner inconsistent with what it proclaims?

How many verses has the Roman Catholic Church officially, infallibly interpreted? It is extremely low. How then do you know what is actually correct? Jesus Can you, as a Catholic, pray directly to Jesus, not going through Mary, and ask Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins? John"If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it. If you were forgiven by Jesus, then do you need all the rituals and sacraments of the RCC in order to be forgiven?

Mary Do you really believe that Mary is able to hear and understand the prayers of millions of people all over the world, simultaneously, in different languages, spoken, and thought? If you do believe has all of those abilities, how are you not attributing godlike abilities to her? Why pray to Mary when Jesus said to come to him Matt.

Isn't Jesus capable enough without Mary? Is Mary better than Jesus? Oral tradition What exactly is oral tradition? Is it passed down from one person to another via whispering, talking, writing? Have you ever thought about this? Where does this oral tradition come from in present day? Is it in the Vatican only? If so, why?Post a question to any of our Catholic experts.

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Scripture, Divine Revelation. Spiritual Questions non-private. John Echert, S. John TrigilioFr. Kenneth Brighenti, PhDFr. Jay Toborowsk y. Questions about Divine Revelation, especially as found in Scripture, and theology.

Public questions on Catholic spirituality, moral and spiritual problems, living a Catholic life, and spiritual growth. Liturgy and Sacred Music. Eastern Catholic Churches. Colin B. Donovan, S. Robert Klesko, MA. Questions about the Church's liturgy for Mass and the other sacraments, and about liturgical music.

Questions about the theology, rites, piety and law of the Eastern Churches in communion with the Holy See. Canon Law.What our site is all about What others are saying about us Awards won. About our site: My first and terrible YouTube video. Grant this to have been the fact; or suppose it to have been so. Suppose I entered, this very day, into a populous city, and found there Marcionites, Apollinarists, Cataphrygians, Novatians, and others of the same sort, all calling themselves Christians.

This name Catholic sounds not of Marcion, nor of Apelles, nor of Montanus, nor does it take heretics as its authors. Christian is my name, but Catholic my surname. That names me, this describes me; by this I am approved; by that designated.

And if at last we must give an account of the word Catholic, and express it, from the Greek, by a Latin interpretation, Catholic is "everywhere one ", or, as the more learned think, obedience in all the commandments of God.

Therefore he who is a Catholic, the same is obedient to what is right. He who is obedient, the same is a Christian, and thus the Catholic is a Christian.

Wherefore when our people are named Catholic, they are separated by this appellation from the [other] heretical names. Pacian of Barcelonac. Paraphrasing from the Catechism : The word Catholic means universalin the sense that it is the Christian Faith according to its totality or in keeping with the whole. The Church is Catholic in a double sense:. Ignatius of Antioch, In A. From the Catechism: In her subsists the fullness of Christ's body united with its head; this implies that she receives from Him the fullness of the means of salvation which He has willed : correct and complete confession of faith, full sacramental life, and ordained ministry in apostolic succession.

The Church was, in this fundamental sense, Catholic on the day of Pentecost and will always be so until the day of the Parousia. Helpers of the Holy Souls A must-see web site for devout or interested Catholics with a devotion to praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Biblically Catholic: All on one page.

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Please report any errors. Share our web site with others today! Note: If you wish to donate directly, e-mail me and I can tell you how. If you wish to financially support the AskACatholic. About AskACatholic. Mass and Adoration. Ask A Catholic Knowledge base. On the origin of the word Catholic "But, under the Apostles, you will say, "no one was called a Catholic".

When heresies, after the Apostles days, arose, and, under diverse names, strove to tear and scatter piecemeal the dove of God, and His queen, did not the apostolic people require a peculiar name whereby to distinguish the unity of the people that had not been corrupted, for fear lest the error of a few might tear limb by limb the unstained virgin of God? Was it not beseeming that the principal head should be designated by a suitable title? By what name should I be able to recognize the congregation of my own people, were it not from its being called Catholic?

Come, tell me, you who bestowed so many names on the other peoples! Why have so many cities, so many nations, each their own description?